One Response to “SALVA~XLR8R PDCST 189”

  1. esoter1c Says:

    01 Lando Kal “Run It”
    02 Tete De Tigre “Pelican Bay” (Squelch & Clap)
    03 Twist It! “Funky Monkey (Canblaster Dub)” (No Brainer)
    04 HxdB & Self Evident “New Stylee”
    05 PhOtOmachine “Technicolor” (Super)
    06 Gun Selectah “Villa (LOL Boys Remix)” (Friends of Friends)
    07 DJ Wreck “On Top of Bass feat. Lock Cool Jock” (Triangle Earth)
    08 Distal “Apple Bottom”
    09 Bok Bok “Look At Me DUB”
    10 DJG “Automatic” (Brownswood)
    11 Distal “Manimal”
    12 Think “Our Texture” (New Moon)
    13 B. Bravo & Teeko “The Roll Out” (All City)
    14 Jacques Greene “Another Girl” (LuckyMe)
    15 Machinedrum “No Respect” (LuckyMe)
    16 Kahn “Like We Used To” (Punch Drunk)
    17 Braille “Leavin Without You” (Rush Hour)
    18 Rainbow Arabia “Blind (Salva Remix)”
    19 Canblaster “Clockwork” (Nightshifters)
    20 Canblaster “Clockwork (NastyNasty Edit)”
    21 Comma “Mezcal Hologram (Om Unit Remix)” (Frite Nite)
    22 Eprom “2 Fly (Juke Mix)”
    23 Dorian Concept “Toe Games Make Her Giggle” (Ninja Tune)
    24 Shlohmo “Places” (Friends of Friends)

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