One Response to “KINGDOM~XLR8R PDCST 188”

  1. esoter1c Says:

    01 Jacques Greene “Tell Me (Kingdom Edit)” (LuckyMe)
    02 Kingdom “SFX”
    03 Kingdom “Los Poderes (Edit ft. Floetry)” (Dutty Artz)
    04 Kingdom “Stalker Ha” (Night Slugs)
    05 Kingdom “Uptown Buck” (Scion/Trouble&Bass)
    06 Jam City “Aqua Box” (Night Slugs)
    07 Katy B “Lights On (Girl Unit Remix)” (Rinse)
    08 Kingdom “Okay To Dance” (Fool’s Gold)
    09 MikeQ & Angel X “Let It All Out 2011” (Qween Beat)
    10 Nguzunguzu “Timesup” (Fade to Mind)
    11 Kingdom “Stadium Pass” (Enchufada)
    12 Bok Bok “Silo Pass” (Night Slugs)
    13 DJ Cabos x Kingdom “Snapduro + Appetite Edit”
    14 Kid Ink “Keep It Rollin”
    15 Kingdom “If You Buck”
    16 Win Win “Interleave (Kingdom Remix)” (Vice)
    17 Total Freedom “YB Voice Song”
    18 DJ Exota Vs. DJ Vali “Pu**yf**ker (Kingdom Edit)” (Unreleased)
    19 Jim Jones / Automatik “Go Cinderella (Kingdom Edit)” (Diplomats)
    20 Ciara x Girl Unit “Ride + Every Time (Kingdom Blend)” (Night Slugs)

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