2 Responses to “BOMBAMAN~SUB.FM 2/20/11”

  1. esoter1c Says:

    Lucky Beard – Ghetto Morning
    Brown Cow – Riddim
    Ochi – Emo Hairline Mix
    Lucky Beard – Spinge tuo Marito
    Ochi – Putting New Zealand Under teh Ocean
    Jaon Ausio Tour – Milky End
    Pocky Hero – Can’t get Over you
    Jaon Ausio Gold Edition – Chop Haus Glam Pot
    Farley & Colif – At the Country Fair
    Farley & Colif – Morning Coffee Aroma in the Winter Time
    Bananas – Chikepans
    Cordie & Sushi D – Frog Porn
    Cordie & Sushi D – Super Gout
    Cordie & Sushi D – Over me
    Cordie & SUshi D – Majic
    Bushidochi – Crash
    Bushidochi – Leaving on a jat Plane
    Cordie & Sushi D – When we Make Love (Fake Porn)
    JL Royal – Paying for Religeon
    Jaon Lausio Tour – My mom Can’t Cook
    Ochi – I, Nevermind
    Cordie & Sushi D – Disco-Ovary
    Jaon Ausio Tour – I Ain’t Giving you my Last Name
    GDG – Across the Street
    Ochi – Dipping my Foot in the Mike D
    Cordie – Sweating Wool
    Pure Mass – Crystal Chat

  2. hks Says:

    amazing pic !!

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