1. esoter1c Says:

    1- Max Ulis & Self Evident “Eastsiders”
    2- Self Evident “Armoured Truck”
    3- Bombaman “Diminished” (Self Evident Remix) Forthcoming on Aufect
    4- Self Evident “Roll Your Shoulder”
    5- Self Evident “Fall Away”
    6- Max Ulis “Go Slow”
    7- Self Evident “Dirtball”
    8- Self Evident “Mr Big Talka Rmx”
    9- Self Evident “Time 2 Let Go”
    10- Self Evident & Phase “Got Me Crazy”
    11- Taal Mala “Plus”
    12- Self Evident “All Night Long Rmx”
    13- Max Ulis “Moove”
    14- Self Evident “35 Cycles”
    15- Calypso Force (Self Evident Rottun Edit)
    16- Self Evident “I’m Dramatic”
    17- Self Evident “A King”
    18- Self Evident “A Secret Place”
    19- Self Evident “Look In Your Eyes”
    20- Self Evident “Touch Your Toes”
    21- Daega Sound “Sos” (Max Ulis & Self Evident Rmx) Forthcoming Blipswitch
    22- Self Evident & Lido Pimienta “Humano”

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