1. esoter1c Says:

    Myles Away is a musician/producer/DJ living and creating in Vancouver, BC. But has lived all around the world from Florida to Singapore. After years of writing music on his guitar and piano, Myles left Los Angeles and moved to Vancouver where electronic music with womping-bass lines and heavy beats took to the forefront. After hitting the scene only one year ago, myles AWAY has made some waves in the city of Vancouver. He has played along side local heavy hitters, out of town headliners, joined the Integrated Grime Unit, had two Western Canadian tours, played the festival circuit of BC and Alberta, had songs of his dropped @ Shambhala and he shows no signs of slowing! The shows are always evolving and he always delivers high energy and passionate performances.


    01- Xi – Ethereal Plus
    02- Emika – Double Edge (Pinch Remix)
    03- J. King & Benny ill – Kosmic 78
    04- DZ – Get Back feat. Konnect
    05- Intex Systems – Titan (Scuba Remix)
    06- Ylem – Anxiolytic
    07- Truth – Burglar
    08- Dr. Science – Giant Robots
    09- DZ & Skultrane – Sleep Paralysis
    10- Max Ulis – Soundkilla
    11- El B – Get a Move On feat. Crazy D
    12- Headhunter – Descent
    13- BIT CRUNCH3R & Juxta – u001 (HxdB Remix)
    14- T.O.B – Evolutionary (myles AWAY remix)
    15- Lea Luna – Leaving for Mars (B. Rich Remix)
    16- Noisses – Crank Dat
    17- DJ Quest & Eskmo – Speakers Corner
    18- DJG & Headhunter – Spacecakes
    19- Metric – Help I’m Alive (KRUSHA Remix)
    20- Orbatak – Turn the Heat Up
    21- Chasing Shadows – Odyssey
    22- Dead Manners – Air Ship
    23- Tarran the Tailor and Max Ulis – The Salt

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