1. esoter1c Says:

    01- Utah Jazz – Take No More – N-Type Remix [Vintage Recordings]
    02- Marzetti ft. Natasha Geisler – Not Since you left – Bombaman Remix [Dub]
    03- Mobb Deep – Drop a Gem on Em (The Killabits 2nd Try VIP) [Dub]
    04- Datsik – Mechano [EX7]
    05- DJ Fresh – Fight [BreakBeat Kaos]
    06- Bombaman – Some swell view [Forthcoming Aufect Records]
    07- Mr. Curtamos – Dirt [DubFront Records]
    08- Salt n Pepa – Push it – Scattermish Remix [dub]
    09- Bassbin Twins – Eat em up [Bassbin Records]
    10- Itchy Robot – Muppet pig [Tuff Love Dubs]
    11- Thunderskank – Ghetto Boi [Prime Dub]
    12- Tas – No Bammer – DZ Remix [Badman Digital]
    13- Hulk – I Drink I Smoke [Dub]
    14- Dr. Philth – Warbot [Chronos Records]
    15- NTRLD & Total Recall – Railgun [Forthcoming Play Me Records]
    16- Marilyn Manson – This is The New Shit – Bong Remix [Dub]
    17- Geoff Buchanan – Brothers & Sisters [Forthcoming Tuff Love Dubs]
    18- Bratkilla – Aftermarth [Forthcoming Dub Cartel Records]

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