1. esoter1c Says:

    01 – Scheme Boy – Asymmetrical Hair Tan
    02 – Scorn (Wee DJs remix) – Gravel Bed
    03 – Noisia & Foreign Beggars (Excision remix) – No Holds Barred
    04 – Akira Kiteshi – Boom ‘n’ Pow
    05 – Stupid Fresh (Twocker remix) – Stupid Theme
    06 – Dolphin – Dubcore
    07 – Hecq & Exillion (Teknoist remix) – Spheres of Fury
    08 – Cursor Miner – Grimewatch
    09 – Roel Funcken – Lajor Mazer
    10 – 16 Bit – Swine Flu
    11 – Septic Insurgent (Teknoist remix) – Box of Dreams
    12 – Amon Tobin – Hey Mr Tree
    13 – Skeetaz – Elephunk
    14 – Ag3nda – This Is Now
    15 – Slaughter Mob – Dub Weapon
    16 – Kid 606 (Kanji Kinetic remix) – Dancehall of the Dead
    17 – Roel Funcken – Martyrz
    18 – Noisia – Split The Atom
    19 – Monster X (Teknoist remix) – Werewolf Gangbang
    20 – Machine Code – Audio Assault
    21 – Kanji Kinetic – Zombies
    22 – Loops Haunt – Huarache
    23 – Kraddy (Mochipet remix) – Android Porn
    24 – Encode & DaVIP – Vamonos
    25 – Scheme Boy – The Tale of Leonard Balb

    Scheme Boy has been a major part of London’s breakcore and electronica scene for many years now. From humble beginnings as co-founder of Adverse Camber (responsible for the now infamous Awesome Power parties) to internationally recognised artist. Since his initial release on Ninja Columbo Records back in 2007, Scheme Boy has always tried to merge his love of melodic, acid tinged electronica with smashed up hardcore and DnB grooves.

    Never one for sticking to any one style, a Scheme Boy set could take you through a variety of genres, tempos and sonic tapestries whilst never forgetting to keep you grooving along. Although the back catalogue of his releases would indicate a hardcore/breakcore artist (albeit a melodic one), its in his sets/mixes that you get to see the full spectrum of his sound which covers idm, wonky techno, dubstep, jungle, DnB and of course hardcore.

    In addition to his previous releases on Ninja Columbo, Anticlone, Peace Off and Sustained Records, there is an EP due out on The Centrifuge netlabel shortly, which will showcase his more down-tempo side and the next vinyl release due out will be on the legendary hardcore label, Rebel Scum.

    Scheme Boy is available for live and DJ sets. Please contact with offers, stating date, location, budget and other artists on the bill. /

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