1. esoter1c Says:

    1. Cooh and The Panacea – The Large Hadron Collider (Prospect)
    2. Forbidden Society – Sad Truth (SPL Remix) (Counterstrike)
    3. Demo and Ewun – Tek Jam (Bad Chemistry)
    4. Arsenic – Aneurysm (VIP) (Bad Chemistry)
    5. Counterstrike, Silent Killer and Breaker – The Visitor (Guerilla)
    6. Gein and Counterstrike – Pentagram (Gein VIP) (Human Imprint)
    7. Counterstrike and Zardonic – Hardcore Will Never Die (Human Imprint)
    8. Demo – O.D. (Gein and Counterstrike Remix) ( Human Imprint)
    9. Demo – O.D. (Counterstrike Dubstep Remix) (Human Imprint)
    10. SPL and Triage – Valhalla (Hollow Point)
    11. Symbl and Bare feat. Messinian – Bad Habits (Sub Human)
    12. Two Fingers – That Girl (Spor Remix) (Big Dada Recordings)
    13. Gein and Mayhem – Ghetto Dope (Human Imprint)
    14. nPHONIX – False Flag (Lost Soul)
    15. SPKTRM feat. Dark Cube – F.W.C. (Bad Chemistry)
    16. SPKTRM – Anomalous Singularity (Bad Chemistry)
    17. Dylan and Kitech – Lights Out (Freak)
    18. Dub Elements and Venganza – Dick Brain (Resistance)
    19. Telekinesis and Neurotech – Filth (Breed 12 Inches)
    20. Thought, Dstruct and Kantyze – Midnight Dogs (Vampire)
    21. Gein, Silent Killer and Breaker – Six Feet (Human Imprint)
    22. Forbidden Society – The Smasher (Kathrsys Remix) (Freak)
    23. Gein and Cooh – Schizm (Bad Chemistry)
    24. Gein – Motherfucker (Bad Chemistry)

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