One Response to “STARKEY~PLASMODIUM MIX #47”

  1. esoter1c Says:

    1. Starkey “Craters” (dub)
    2. Starkey “Gasping For Air in this Vortex” (dub)
    3. Stagga “Be the Generals” (dub)
    4. Distal “Oil” (dub)
    5. Lil Jon “Fall out (ft. Travis Porter)” (BME)
    6. Kid Simple “Meltdown” (dub)
    7. Tayo meets Acid Rockers ft. Pupajim “Vampayaa (Starkey remix)” (rub a dub)
    8. Dev79 “Live N Die 4 The Street Bass” (Seclusiasis)
    9. Starkey “Spacecraft” (Planet Mu)
    10. Monky “Train Wreck” (dub)
    11. Phra “Clean Shave” (dub)
    12. Sduk “Valid” (Slit Jockey)
    13. Rick Ross “B.M.F (ft. Styles P)” (Def Jam)
    14. Starkey “11th Hour” (Planet Mu)
    15. AC Slater “Calm Down Part 2” (Trouble & Bass)
    16. Starkey “Rain City” (Rwina)
    17. Starkey “Club Games (ft. Cerebral Vortex & Buddy Leezle)” (Planet Mu)
    18. Kastle “Better Off Alone” (Seclusiasis)
    19. Innerpartysystem “American Trash (Starkey remix)” (Independent)
    20. Starkey “Holodeck” (dub)
    21. Young Jeezy “Jizzle (ft. Lil Jon)” (Def Jam)
    22. Terror Danjah “Horror Story” (Planet Mu)
    23. Starkey “Megabot” (dub)
    24. Siyoung “Eros (Hit That)” (Seclusiasis)
    25. Dev79 “Disco Fly” (Seclusiasis)
    26. Stagga “Wild For the Night” (dub)
    27. Halp “Leek (Doshy remix)” (Seclusiasis)
    28. Starkey “Sector 9 Shootout” (Starkey free release)
    29. Flinch “Midnight Hustle (AC & Dell Starkey VIP remix)” (Party Like Us)
    30. Pinch “The Boxer” (Tectonic)
    31. Smokey & Casper “CrispCrisp (BD1982 remix)” (Vermin Street)
    32. Raffertie “A Breath That Finds You” (dub)
    33. Kaiser “The Art of War” (Slit Jockey)
    34. Grimelock “Answer” (dub)
    35. Drokkr “Poppin Shit” (dub)
    36. DJ Naughty “Goosebumps (Gemmy remix)” (Kicks and Snares)
    37. NastyNasty “Sore Loser” (dub)
    38. Eligh ft. Marty James “Suffocate (prod. by Starkey)” (Legendary Music)
    39. Eprom “Psycho” (dub)
    40. DJ Wool & Cerebral Vortex “Magic Carpet (Starkey remix)” (Top Billin)
    41. Slugabed “PO” (dub)
    42. Starkey “Drip” (Creative Space)

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