1. esoter1c Says:

    1. Triple Threat, Royal, Bruza & Elrae – Getaway (Produced by Terror Danjah)
    2. Bruza, D.E.Velopment, Tinie Tempah & Triple Threat – Pay Attention (Produced by Terror Danjah & D.O.K)
    3. D.E.Velopment & Loudmouth – Don’t Mess Around (Produced by Terror Danjah)
    4. Youf, Wiley, Mz Bratt & D.E.Velopment – Catch Up (Produced by Big Ears)
    5. Bruza, Tinie Tempah, Mz Bratt, Royal, Badness, D.E.Velopment, Krucial & Triple Threat – Warning (Produced by D.O.K)
    6. Gemma Fox – Think I’m in Love (Produced by Terror Danjah)
    7. Elrae – Raeman (Produced by Terror Danjah)
    8. Gemma Fox – Feeling’s Grow (Ft. 2nice) (Produced by Terror Danjah)
    9. Bruza, D-Dark, Tinie Tempah & Elrae – Ride My Bike (Produced by D-Dark)
    10. Badness – 10 Out of 10 (Ft. Gappy Ranks & Maxwell-D) (Produced by Terror Danjah)
    11. D.E.Velopment – Again (Ft. Shola Ama & Andrea) (Produced by Terror Danjah)
    12. Shola Ama – Over (Produced by D.O.K)
    13. Sadie Ama & Wiley – The One (Produced by Terror Danjah)
    14. Bruza, Wretch 32 & Tinie Tempah – Round & Round (Produced by Terror Danjah & Planet X)
    15. Redz, Doom Man, Loudmouth & Fumin – Reppin (Produced by Magnum Force & D.O.K)
    16. Loudmouth – 2000 & Shock (New Year’s Resolution) (Produced by Terror Danjah)
    17. Specs, 2nice & Triple Threat – Street Life (I Try) (Produced by D.O.K)
    18. Mz Bratt, Tinie Tempah, Youf, Joci & Elrae – Future’s Bright (Produced by D.O.K)
    19. Triple Threat, Mc Fun, Shabba-D, D Double E, Skibadee, Bruza, Mc Melo-D, Hitman Hyper & Ragga Twins – Creepy Crawler (Reckless Soldier) (Produced by Terror Danjah)
    20. Badness, Mz Bratt, Royal, Bruza, Youf, D.E.Velopments, D-Dark, Triple Threat, Krucial, Loudmouth & 2Nice – Zumpi Huntah Mega Mix (Produced by Terror Danjah)

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