FLUFFTRONIX SEZ: Subdivision is a new heavy bass collective based in Philly and Pittsburgh. We’re throwing monthlies in each city; I’m one of the residents at the Philly party (along with Rx, the dubstep production/dj alias of Alex Burkat aka Pfunkt). While Alex is focuses on dubstep, I’m doing the cross-genre heavy bass thing which not only includes dubstep but also bmore, fidgit, bassline, wobble etc.

The first party in Philly is on 1/8/09 at The Barbary (special guest Joe Nice), and the first party in Pittsburgh is on 1/23/09 (special guest Starkey) at Remedy.

The mix was recorded in one take on 2xTechnics, my Macbook, and a 57. 18 tracks, 36:25.

1 – Stenchman – Township Spunk
2 – Flufftronix – Cool Champagne (Jim Jones feat. Ron Browz / DZ)
3 – Syntonics – Rock Tonight (Bombaman’s Nasty Remix)
4 – Lord Skywave – Something (Andy George Re-Fix)
5 – Rampage – Fire!
6 – Chavy Boys – Set’s Up
7 – Shameboy – Heartcore (D.I.M. Remix)
8 – The Beatmonkeys – How You Like Me Now (Rico Tubbs Gangsters VIP Mix)
9 – 16 Bit – In the Death Car
10 – Guns’n’Bombs – Riddle of Steel
11 – Audio Bullys – Dope Fiend (Tommie Sunshine and Udachi remix)
12 – Starkey – Gutter Music
13 – Kanji Kinetic – Shut Up
14 – Drop the Lime – Hear Me (AC Slater Remix)
15 – Jackinori & Leon Dipace – Breathe
16 – Diplo feat. Rye Rye – Wassup Wassup (Bart B More remix)
17 – Bird Peterson – Pete Goes Off
18 – Flufftronix – Flash Knights






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